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The Foundations of Excela Health

Philanthropy Changes Lives.

Giving to those in medical-need benefits the patient, supports their families and enhances our community. I honestly believe that when we choose to listen to that voice deep within us that calls us to care for and support others, we inspire others to do the same. Philanthropy is life-changing and incredibly impactful.

The work of Excela’s Foundations reaches the tiniest, sometimes fragile, new lives that we help bring into this world, supports our patients when they receive a dreaded cancer diagnosis, provides life changing equipment for patients who are rushed into our emergency departments, invests in our bright new family practice residents, and helps to underwrite many community health outreach initiatives.

I have had the privilege of looking into faces of those whose lives our donors have helped improve, and the gratitude they express is as inspiring as the generosity that helped to make that possible. Donations, large and small bring about remarkable change and inspire all of us. To make a donation, click here.

Al Novak

Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Al Novak

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