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Board of Trustees

Latrobe Area Hospital Charitable Foundation Board of Trustees

The Charitable Foundation looks forward to the future with a remarkable board of men and women - community leaders, captains of business and industry, philanthropists, civic-minded citizens - who volunteer their time and talents to help lead the foundation and secure the future of its hospital. Those board members include:

Officers and Trustees

  • Thomas P. Gessner, MD, Chair
  • Barbara K. Wang, MD, Vice Chair
  • Douglas A. Clark, Secretary
  • Joseph A. Scarpo, Treasurer
  • David S. DeRose, Esq.
  • Phil A. Dymond
  • Richard Okonak
  • Wylie L. Overly, MD
  • Sam Reiman
  • Phyllis Ruffner
  • Douglas L. Sisson
  • William Stavisky, EdD.
  • Reverend Paul Taylor, OSB, PhD.
  • Ruth Tolbert
  • John M. Sphon, CEO

To contact the Latrobe Area Hospital Charitable Foundation, call 724-537-1925 or visit

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