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With Thanks and Gratitude to our Supporters

The following individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations contributed to/or provided sponsorship for the Foundation from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. To view an archive of donors, click here.

A. Martini & Co, Inc.
AAA East Central
Denise Addis
Thomas and Ann Albanesi
Allegheny Valley Teacher’s Lunch Bunch in memory of Patsy DePalma
Allied Universal Security Services
John and Diane Altier
AmCom Office Systems
American Business Solutions
Robert Americus
Charles W Anderson
Rhonda Anderson
Michael Andrejco
Anonymous (16)
Antero Resources Corporation
Aon Risk Services
Paul Archer
Melissa Arciniega in memory of Charles Seamens
Paul and Valerie Bacharach
Vicky M. Bair
Amy Baird
Dr. Nevin and Mallory Baker
Baker Tilly US
Bardine’s Country Smokehouse
Kenneth and Bonnie Barnhart
Marian Barry in memory of Francis Barry
JoAnn Bayer
Charlene and Joe Beck in memory of Charles Seamens
Kelly Bedner
Dr. Chris and Jill Bellicini
Mary Jo Bellush
Patricia Bensko
Phyllis Bertok and Richard Lopretto
Wayne Biller
Biondi Family Foundation in memory of Charles Seamens
Biz Communications
Blue Sky Sign Co., LLC
Gerald and Teri Bowes
James R. and Donna Breisinger in honor of Dr. James G. Breisinger
Suzanne Bridge
Louise and Jim Brown in memory of Charles Seamens
Nina Brown in honor of Dr. Steven E. Mills
Scott and Gretchen Brown in memory of Charles Seamens
Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney in memory of Lawrence Glasgow
Ken and Patti Buhl in memory of Dr. Patsy Buhl, in honor of Dr. Matthew D’Onofrio
Dr. Helen Burns
M. Deborah Campbell
Patrick Campfield
Connie Capar
Capital Strategies Investment Group LLC
Kelly Carlson
CB Hollingsworth Charitable Trust
Signe Cecchetti
Billie Celmer
Cerner Corporation
Tom Chakurda
Katie Chambers
David Charley
John Charley
Ray Charley
Ray and Catherine Charley in honor of Excela Health Orthopedics and in memory of Mary Austeri, William Courtney, Susan Evans,
H. Thomas Fait, Evalo Foster, Albert Grillo, Michael Guidas, Reverend John Paul Harman, Dorothy Harrer, Ann Howard, Mark Krystyniak, Richard Kunkle, Mayor Gerald Lucia, Patrick Mahady, Susan Meadows, Vicky Mongell, Ronald Nalevanko, Jay Pifer, Rebecca Rule, Charles Seamens, and Eleanor Womack
Douglas Chew
John Chicolis
Denise Cindric
Kathaleen Cole
Neil Como
Composidie, Inc.
Michael and Maureen Crevak
Lydia Crise
Joseph Culos
Fred Cummings
Jeffrey and Donna Curry
David S and Kathy Dahlmann
Dairy Queen
Sarah Davin
Darlene Delaini in memory of Nancy Ratcliffe and Jerry Rich
David S. Delisi
Michael Delmar
Delmont Lions Club
Dr. Larry DeNino
Dr. & Mrs. Larry DeNino in memory of Dr. Henry Lewis
Fred DePalma in honor of Andrea Verbanic
Mr. Edward DePasquale
Dave and Johny DeRose
Janice and Rich Devine
Michael and Holly DiBiasi
Melissa Dillon
Dr. Mike Dinger
Karen Duchateau
Angela Dulak in memory of Marvin Sterner
Duquesne University
Duraloy Technologies, Inc.
Valerie Dusack
East Suburban Interiors, Inc.
Eastern Door Controls, Inc.
Ronald and JoAnn Eberhardt
Karen Edmunds in memory of Thomas Kissell
Edward C. Brinker Trust
Karl E and Carmen Eisaman
Tara Elkin
Elliott Group
Laurie English
Enscoe Long Insurance Group LLC
Excela Health Employees' Charitable Trust Fund
Excela Health Medical Group
Excela Health Medical Staff in memory of Dr. Edward Gumm and Dr. Dennis Kreinbrook
Facilities Survey Inc.
Linda Farabaugh
Fairview Services Plan Inc. in memory of Charles Seamens
Molly Fee
Marc Fella in memory of Linda Zagar
Dr. Barbara Ferrier
Dr. Traci M Fick
Amy Filer in memory of Lawrence Glasgow
Filtech Inc.
Robert Firment
Firsching, Marstiller, Rusbarsky and Wolf Engineering, Inc.
First Presbyterian Church
Chris Fleenor in memory of Linda Zagar
Follett LLC
Dr. Carol and Jim Fox
Kathryn Frazier
Mary Lou Friedline
Christopher Ganssle in memory of Cynthia Murkley
Terry and Mary Ann Gesinski
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Gessner
Joseph Gibson
Dan Gieset in memory of Cynthia Murkley
Leslie Giesey
Jon Gorney
Hannah Gould
Terence Graft in memory of Donald Harrholtz
Graybar Electric
David W Greenfield
Joan Grote
Tamara Grubic in memory of Cynthia Murkley
Elizabeth Guardasoni
Guyasuta Investment Advisors, Inc.
H. L. Thomas, Inc.
H. F. Lenz Company
Dr. Donald and Joan Haas in honor of Dr. Amy Kreutel
Rose Marie Hairston in memory of Charlene Hairston
Judith and Thomas Haliko
Handyman Joe
Marlene Hardin
Eileen Harvey
Dr. Marti Haykin
Sandra Heben-Feigert
Hefren-Tillotson, Inc.
Henschel and Sons Automotive Warehouse
Pamela Hepp
Dr. Lisa Hildenbrand
Deborah Hill
Hillandale Farms of PA, Inc.
Hillview Motors Inc. in memory of Charles Seamens
Tiffani Hite
Patrick Hampson
Hollywood Casino at the Meadows
Carrie Horner
Hospital & Health System Association of PA
HR Screening Services
Jamie Huemme
Hunt Valley Environmental, LLC
Nancy Ivan
Rich Janesko
Robert and Amy Janis
Robin Jennings in memory of Lawrence Glasgow
Jim's Backflow Testing & Services
JPT Architects
Ada Kallio Zoratto Family in memory of Charles Seamens
Eileen Kantorik
Megan Kapolka
Stephanie and Dave Karr
Ellen Katter
Kaufman, Hall & Associates, LLC
Kepple-Graft Funeral Home, Inc.
Philip and Dana Kistler
John P and Gretchen M Kline
Joseph Kochis
David F Kubicek
Dr. Richard Kucera
Michael and Kathy Kuchta
Deborah Kuhn
Martin Lang
Latrobe Area Hospital Charitable Foundation
Lennon Smith Souleret Engineering, Inc
Anita and Larry L Leonard in memory of Timothy Leonard
Dr. Efren B Leonida
Ann Lereche
Michelle Lewis
Limbach Company LLC
LIVE! Casino Pittsburgh
Margaret B Lockard
Melissa Lorenzi
Kathleen Lotinsky
The Honorable Charles H and Mrs. Sarah Loughran in honor of Dr. Thomas DeGregory, Dr. James Adisey, Dr. Carol Fox
Dr. Angela C Lukow
Carolyn Lupinacci
Andrew and Allison Lutz in honor of Dr. Mary Mantese
Renee Luzik
Theresa MacBlane
Pat MacKenzie in memory of Charles Seamens
Michael J Maglio
Constantine Mamakos
Jim & Di Mance in memory of John O’Connell
Anita Mastrorocco
MBM Contracting, Inc.
Jason McIntyre
McKamish, Inc.
Susan McKie
Robert McNelly
Denise Mellors
Steve and Ginny Menninger in memory of Charles Seamens
Richard B Meyer
Ed and Debbie Mikita
Kathleen Milyak
William and Carol Mitchell
Bernadette Moffa in honor of Dr. Christopher Bellicini, Dr. Geneen Dashefsky
Dr. Ronald and Mary Monack
Paul Mongell
Norman Montgomery
Donna Morrison
Diane Muka
Paul and Linda Murphy
Murrysville Shop N Save
Darlene Nagrosky in memory of Dr. Henry Lewis, Dr. Gopalan Vasudevan, Naomi Henderson
Hoddy and Nelson Nast in memory of Charles Seamens
Melissa Nelson
Lois Noonan
Albert J. Novak, Jr. in memory of Mayor Gerald Lucia, Vicky Mongell, William Volkar
Albert and Sally Anne Novak in memory of Charles Seamens
Alfred and Audrey Novak
Sally Anne Novak in honor of Dr. Carol Fox
Dr. Nawaf and Helene Nseir in memory of Dr. Edward Gumm
Optum 360
Dan Orange
Kip Othold
Otis Elevator Company
Ronald and Susan Ott
Anita Owen in memory of Charles Owen
PA Food Merchants Association
Raymond Parker
Laurie K Peddicord
Penn Line Family of Services
Gretchen Peske
Daniel Pfaff
Carolyn and John Phillis
Mary Pickels
Jack E Pickens
Pittsburgh Interior Systems, Inc.
Pittsburgh Street Shop n Save
PNC Financial Services
Katie Poeschel in memory of Evelyn Grace Presseau
Patricia Policastro in memory of Charles Seamens
Katlyn and Stephen Presseau in memory of Evelyn Grace Presseau
Prime Cabling & Security
PRISM Response
Patricia Provance
Rebecca Puskar
Radiologic Consultants, Ltd.
Kathy Radocaj
Judith A Raishart
Ray and Kate Charley Family Fund
Redstone Highlands
Kimberly Rehak
Jim and Deb Reske in honor of Ray Charley
Jeff Rex
Randy Reynolds
Wendy Reynolds
Richard King Mellon Foundation
Richard T. Vail Associates
Ridilla Family Partnership/Modal Inc.
Carrie Riggle
Rizzo’s Malabar Inn
RJW Media
Marc B. Robertshaw
Donna Robertson in memory of Gerald Eakin
Robbi Robinson
Trudie Rock
Richard J Rosky, Jr.
Marianne Rossi-Brown
Rotary Club of Greensburg
Natalie Rotelli in memory of Linda Zagar
Meredith Rottler
Tamara Rottler
Rt 66 Shop N Save
Ryan Moving, LLC
Saint Vincent College
Joseph A and Marcy Scarpo
Schneider's Dairy
Schultheis Electric
Candy Sefchik
SEI Investments
Erica Shaffer
Matthew Shields in memory of Charles Seamens
Diane Shope
Anna L Silberman
Scott and Linda Simon
Kelley and David Skoloda
Margarete Skroupa in memory of Aldene Horn
Danielle Smith
Don Smith in memory of Charles Seamens
Megan D Smolleck
Georgianna Smolleck-Walinski
Matthew Snider
Clara Sosinski
John and Donna Sphon
Peter Spotti
SSM Industries, Inc.
Beth and Robert Stack in memory of Charles Seamens
Jess and Joan Stairs
Standard Bank
David George Staples
Elaine Stas
Randall and Elizabeth Stas
Dr. Gary M Stein in memory of Dr. Henry Lewis
Lauren Stepenosky
Michael and Karen Stewart in memory of Jennings Womack
Stewart McArdle Sorice Whalen Farrell Finoli & Cavanaugh LLC
W. Bradley Stroud in honor of Sierra Schroyer, RN, Dr. Vinod Kudagi
George R Sweeney Charitable Trust Fund
Bernard Tamasy
RoseAnn Taormina
Jan Taylor Condo and Pat Condo
The Addison Gibson Foundation
Dr. Debra and John Thompson in memory of Lawrence Glasgow
William S Thompson
Jeffrey and Noelle Tiesi
Mark and Kaaren Tintori
TisBest Philanthropy
Lisa Tomko
Trib Total Media
Dante Trunzo
Dr. Hiroyuki Tsukui
Janice Tull in memory of Cynthia Murkley
Tullyne Turnbull
Tuscano-Maher Roofing, Inc.
UPMC Health Plan
US Pack Services LLC
Vacation Station Travel
Dom and Linda Valore in memory of Charles Seamens
Ryan Van Duzer
Tucker Veenis
Amy Vies
Tammy Vogel
Dr. Maria von Mickwitz
Dale and Paula Walker
Helen Wasil
Christine Wentzel
Matthew C Werner
Christy West
Western PA Electrical Labor Management Cooperation Committee
Westmoreland County Community College
Westmoreland Emergency Medicine Specialists
Westmoreland Food Bank
Westmoreland Hospital Auxiliary
Westmoreland Landscapes
Westmoreland Museum of American Art
Emily White in memory of Patsy DePalma
Chris Whitehead
WHJB Corporation
Rebecca Williams
Willis Towers Watson
Janine Pershing Wright
Patricia Yasher
Rosemary and Jeffrey Yunetz
Joan S Zahorchak
Kenneth Zeleznik
Carol Zufall

For more information about donating to the Westmoreland/Frick Hospital Foundation, please call our office at 724-832-4140.

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