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Price Transparency

Transparency in Health Care Pricing


Below is a link to view pricing for various procedures and services at Excela Health. This may help you understand your financial obligations when receiving care. Also, this pricing transparency may help you seek financial help before a service or procedure is rendered. Included in the link below is individual pricing for all services provided by Excela Health hospitals. Excela Health provides this information to patients in accordance with our mission to improve the health and well-being of every life we touch

Please note that this pricing is only an estimate and that the actual cost (patient responsibility) for services or procedures may differ significantly than the amount shown on the following pages. For example, physician and professional fees, such as anesthesia or pathology, are not included in these prices. Charges such as supply or drugs would also be listed separately. Charges are based on the actual services provided.

Patients looking to estimate their costs can click here to access the Patient Cost Estimate tool.

Below are machine-readable files for pricing for Excela Health's three hospitals.

Westmoreland Regional Hospital Pricing

Download Pricing

Latrobe Area Hospital Pricing

Download Pricing

Frick Hospital Pricing

Download Pricing

Understanding Your Chargemaster at Excela Health

Understanding Your Chargemaster at Excela Health

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