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Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

What is PFAC?

A Partnership of Community and Caregivers.
A patient and family advisory council (PFAC) is a partnership of current and former patients, family members, community members and caregivers that work together to improve service delivery and create an overall positive patient experience. Volunteer patients and families collaborate with hospital employees (clinical, administrative and support) to provide feedback, identify opportunities, and discuss how to improve the patient and family experience.

A PFAC provides an opportunity for the patient and customer voice to be heard. Council members are able to share experiences and provide feedback that will contribute to positive changes in community health.

Councils are usually composed of 14-20 members, including community members, former patients and their family members, volunteers, physicians, healthcare workers, administrators, etc. They share their unique experiences, and work together to provide recommendations to improve patient services.

The Objectives of a PFAC at Excela Health

  • Provide ongoing feedback to Excela Health that evaluates and seeks to improve patient safety, quality of care or patient experience issues;
  • Assist Excela Health, to continually improve the quality, safety and efficiency of services it offers the patients and families who seek care at Excela Health;
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration among patients, families and other non-professional caregivers, and Excela Health, professional staff and associates;
  • Promote information sharing between Excela Health, and the patients, families, and community it serves;
  • Promote patient and family advocacy and involvement.

Benefits of a PFAC

A PFAC provides valuable feedback and guidance for the organization, allowing members to make a lasting impact on the health care community. Learning directly from the consumer’s point of view can aid in policy updates, workflow changes and overall communication tweaks that can positively change the healthcare experience.

PFAC Membership

The Patient and Family Advisory Council will include:

  • 6 patients and family members
  • 2 members from leadership from Excela Health
  • 6 Excela Health staff members
  • Representative from Customer Care
  • Administrative Assistant

Members of the PFAC will uphold the highest standards of ethics and responsibilities in accomplishing the purpose and scope of the Council by:

  • Being an active participant at all meetings;
  • Informing the Chair if unable to attend;
  • Agreeing not to disclose confidential information given to you as a member of PFPCQS; and signing of the HIPAA statements;
  • Members shall be appointed by Excela Health’s Board Quality and Safety Committee or, if it so delegates, an executive of Excela Health;
  • Members terms will be three years and recruitment will be ongoing to ensure a presence of experienced council members;
  • A member may resign at any time or agree to serve consecutive terms.

How to Join a PFAC?

If you are interested in participating in the Excela Health PFAC, download the application here and mail, fax or email to…

Mail to:
Excela Health Administration
Attn: Customer Care
532 West Pittsburgh Street
Greensburg, PA 15601

Fax to:

Email to: