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Board of Trustees

Westmoreland/Frick Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees

Our board is poised to keep pace with the demands brought about by patient need and Excela Health's quest to offer the highest level of technology possible. These community volunteers give generously of their time and talents to accomplish those goals. Our board includes:

  • Ray Charley, Chairperson
  • Ronald E. Eberhardt, Vice Chairperson
  • Dave Delisi, CPA, Treasurer
  • Ed Miedel, Distribution Chairperson
  • Charles W. Anderson
  • Ken DeFurio, Ex Officio
  • Karl Eisaman
  • Richard D. Harrer Jr.
  • Jacqueline Horrall, PhD
  • William A. Jenkins, MD
  • John P. Kline
  • Honorable Charles Loughran
  • David W. Lynn
  • Ed Miedel
  • Don Scott
  • Jess M. Stairs
  • John Sphon


  • Terence I. Graft
  • Anita L. Owen
  • Paul Mongell
  • Michael J. Stewart, Esq.

To contact the Westmoreland/Frick Hospital Foundation, call 724-832-4140 or visit

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