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Health Coaching & Employee Wellness Software Platform

Wellness and health coaching is a holistic, mind-body approach to medicine that views good health as a balance of physical and mental well-being. It asks participants to think about their health today and where they want to be by helping them find the strength with themselves to make desired changes in their life. More specifically, coaching focuses on motivation, self-management skills and provides education designed to help manage and improve your health.

Coaching can be done on-site or telephonically. Group coaching services also are available.

Our wellness platform includes an Advanced Health Risk Assessment. This assessment uses risk stratification, readiness for change and a health-related productivity loss index coupled with the biometric screening results. The information is analyzed and provides recommendations for the participants in the program. In addition, the platform supports participants in activity logging, weight tracking, healthy recipes, surveys, social networking, educational material and gamification, to engage your multiple demographics. This participant program is supported by telephone and on-site wellness coaching to maximize the support for your employees.

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