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Exercise Classes & Lectures

Exercise 101

Exercise is a type of physical exertion to improve health, shape our bodies, and boost performance. It covers a range of activities with plenty to suit those wanting to lose weight, get healthy, or train for a sport.

Weight Training 101

To lose fat or change body shape, one of the most important things you can do is lift weights. Weight training can: Help raise your metabolism; strengthen bones, especially for women; increase muscular endurance, and more.

Core Fitness: Beyond Your Average Abs Routine

Understand what your body’s core is and how you can strengthen it.

Family Fitness

A family who exercises together, stays together … longer! Learn how to make family fitness part of your lives.

Exercise and Stress: Get Moving to Combat Stress

Take control of your stress while boosting your “feel good” endorphins.

Exercise and Weight Loss

Wonder why you exercise and can’t lose? Don’t hang up your sneakers. Join us for this special class.

Exercise Classes


High energy cardio for fat burning, increasing endurance. Includes body sculpting and ab work.

Beginner’s Boot Camp

Thirty minute work out includes core, cardiovascular, plyometric and strengthening exercises.

Cardio Kick Boxing

Thirty minute intense cardiovascular routine includes stretches, punching and kicking routines, and core targeting.

Core Blast

Improves balance and center of gravity with core strengthening, ab targeting and yoga.


Enhance flexibility, balance and strength through yoga breathing and postures.

Wellness Lectures

Food Label Olympics

A registered dietitian shows you what to look for when shopping.

Nutrition Jeopardy

Engaging program based on the popular TV show. Promotes education in a fun environment while encouraging team building.

Shopping for Heart Health

Our registered dietitian takes you on a virtual shopping tour showing you how to shop to prevent/reduce heart disease risk.

What’s the Big, Fat Deal?

A review of good and bad fats and their impact on cholesterol, weight and other health risks.

Do You Want to Lose Weight?

Review key points for long-term weight management along with an overview of current trends.

Portion Distortion

Learn from our Registered Dietitian how to “right size” your portions for a healthy weight.

Grocery Store Tours

Let our Registered Dietitian take you onsite to the grocery store to show you important shopping skills for selecting nutritious food products.

Fuel Your Passion for Athletics

Learn what foods and fluids are best to fuel your body across the finish line. Our competitive athlete Registered Dietitian shares her insights and secrets for success – pre, post and during events.

Stress Management Nutrition

Join our Registered Dietitian to learn how to make better food choices to nourish your body with smart label reading and sensible food substitutions while coping with stress.

My Plate for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how to color your plate the right way and use simple tools for smart nutrition.

Other topics may include Fiber Facts, Sodium Story, Dining Out and Eating Healthy, and Eating Healthy on the Road.

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