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Philosophy of Nursing

Our Philosophy

The Excela Health nurse regards a patient encounter as an occasion to create a healing environment in which a patient’s health, comfort, dignity and well-being are improved through a genuine, caring relationship along with the use of evidence-based practices. Our nurses strive to make a positive impact on the patient’s care along with attention to that patient’s family/loved ones. An Excela Health nurse thinks critically, solves problems and shares in decision-making while embracing a helping-trusting relationship with colleagues all for the patient’s benefit. Excela Health nurses believe that excellence in patient care is achieved when the value of learning from each other is prized and that upholding a culture of collegiality and congeniality supports the recruitment and retention of the best and brightest in order to achieve excellence in patient care.

We Believe:

  • The patient and family are the center of our professional practice and actively participate in planning their own care.
  • That a healthy working environment empowers the nurse to deliver compassionate, safe, holistic care to the patient in a competent, ethical and caring manner.
  • Relationship-based care promotes positive human connections while creating a caring and healing environment.
  • Professional nursing values an interprofessional, collaborative process to create a patient- and family-centered environment.
  • Our nurses are committed to innovative strategies, lifelong learning, and research to advance clinical nursing.

A Model for Nursing Excellence: Excela Health Shared Governance

Begun in 2011, the Shared Governance program at Excela Health ensures the use of best practices in the areas of Practice and Transitional Research, Quality and Safety, Professional Development and Management. Headed by a Leadership Council to oversee the four councils, they provide nurses with a voice in decision-making that creates a positive impact on both patient care and their own work environment. Through these five councils, more than a dozen committees with members from each Excela Health site explore issues crucial to nursing, such as professional image,service excellence and life-long learning.

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