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What if you could eliminate the need for blood thinners?

Clinicians at Excela Health are now performing a minimally invasive procedure called the WATCHMAN™ Implant in selected patients. The doctor makes a small incision in the patient’s leg and inserts a narrow tube to deliver the WATCHMAN™ implant to the left atrial appendage. This is very similar to what is used to insert stents in the cardiac arteries.

Once in place, heart tissue will grow over the implant to seal off the appendage and close it off from circulation so clots can no longer be formed in the structure. 

With the risk of clots being eliminated, so is the need for blood thinners.

The procedure normally takes about an hour and usually only requires an overnight stay in the hospital.

Talk to your physician to see if this procedure is right for you. To schedule an appointment, call 724-689-1355.

Learn More About the WATCHMAN™ Procedure

Dr. Bassel Sayegh, Electrophysiologist Interview with In Touch Radio

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