Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: What You Need to Know from Excela Health
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Encompassing Community Needs

Excela Health offers classes, events, seminars, health talks and support groups designed to help people in our communities keep up-to-date on advances in medicine and to have a better understanding of health and wellness. Our events are educational, but better yet, they can be fun.

Attend a parenting class to learn more about raising your children with love and logic. Join a support group and meet people who share your health issue. Many classes are free, but some programs require a nominal fee. Many insurance providers cover the cost of wellness education. Inquire with your insurer to see if classes you wish to take are eligible for reimbursement.

Visit our online calendar to learn more.

Community Event Sponsorship

For sponsorship consideration, requests must fit within the mission, vision, values and strategic plan of Excela Health, which help Excela Health provide funding for your organization.Click here for a community event sponsorship form and instructions.

Sports Event Sponsorship, click here for policy and application form.

Community Health Needs Assessment

We also gauge community needs through methods such as community-wide surveys.  To see the results of our most recent Community Health Needs Assessment, click here.