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Paul M.

  • Author: Paul M.
  • Date Submitted: Feb 23, 2022
  • Category: Why I Give

Retired President, Penn Line Service

My father passed away at Frick Hospital where he received wonderful end-of-life care. Our family, gathered, wanting to be close for these final moments to support one another and ease the transition for all of us. Given the space constraints of the typical hospital room, however, it was a challenge.

Being on the receiving end of comfort care from the Frick clinical staff, I realized how much other families would benefit from a dedicated area in which to share those last hours. It is fortuitous that a larger, private room could be identified for this purpose, and appointed with furnishings and a nourishment cart, while loved ones wrestle with emotional and spiritual matters, as well as practical tasks. I have been a longtime supporter of the Frick Hospital Foundation, valuing the intimacy that's possible when friends and neighbors are the care providers. I know that my gifts help to address not only clinical needs that ensure expert, up-to-date care, but also the creation and maintenance of a comforting environment. Both are an essential part of medical care.