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Grief Support

Excela Health Home Care & Hospice has a team of Grief Support Counselors available to inform, support and guide patients and families through the grief process before, at the time of, and after the death of a loved one.

They also work to anticipate and respond to community education and supportive needs related to bereavement.

“Neighborhood Kids” is a family-based bereavement support program designed to bring families together during a time of loss and sadness, using alternative therapies such as art, music and pets to help children work through grief. Click here for information on the 2023 Neighborhood Kids program.

Grief Support

Grief does not feel usual, average or typical and therein lies the issue. Listen as an Excela Health Home Care & Hospice grief counselor discusses the struggles of grief.

Grief Support Counseling: Overview
Excela Health bereavement counselor offers information, education, understanding and comfort to those who have experienced a loss.

Grief Support Counseling: Guilt
One of the strongest feelings that we encounter on our grief journey is the feeling of guilt. An Excela Health bereavement counselor offers insight into understanding this feeling and ways to cope.

Grief Support Counseling: Heart Technique
Grief is often described as feeling broken-hearted. Learn about the “Anchoring Heart Technique” and how changing your perspective may help to heal that broken-hearted feeling.

Grief Support Counseling: Grief and Anger
Anger is an emotion that is experienced by most grieving people at one time or another during their grief journey.

Grief Support Counseling: How Can I Help?
As we experience the pain of grief, we are able to open our hearts to others. We deeply empathize, help them and feel understood.

Grief Support Counseling: Coping With Tragedy
Learn more about how we cope with local and global tragedy both physically and mentally.

Children and Grief

When Children Grieve: Infants to Six Years Old

When Children Grieve: Nine to Twelve Years Old

When Children Grieve: Adolescents

Children and Grief
Do you have questions about grief or have a suggestion for a topic?
Contact our grief support staff by emailing

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Online Support

For anyone with a Facebook profile, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice offers a public online support group through Facebook Groups. To join on Facebook, search ‘Excela Health Grief Support’. You will then have the option to click ‘Join’. After you have requested to join, an Excela Health grief counselor will add you to the group.

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For More Information Download our Support Group Schedule Looking to speak with one of our Grief Support Counselors?
Call 1-800-427-1400

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