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Excela Health Looks to Expand Services in Region

Excela Health Looks to Expand Services in Region

CONNELLSVILLE, PA, November 2, 2021 … Officials at Excela Health today confirmed they are pursuing preliminary plans for the development of a 30,000-square-foot outpatient/ambulatory care medical complex in Connellsville, Fayette County, PA. The site under consideration is located at Martin’s Plaza Shopping Center and could include such services as primary care, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, medical specialties including gastroenterology, cardiology and neurology as well as general and bariatric surgery offerings.

In addition, physical therapy, as well as what Excela labels its QuikDraw PLUS sites, which provide laboratory and imaging services, also are being considered for the facility.

“We believe these programs and services could provide a strong foundation from which we can provide the residents of Connellsville and beyond sophisticated, high quality, outpatient and ambulatory care in a convenient and attractive setting,” said John Sphon, Excela Health Chief Executive Officer. “They would be complementary to what is currently available in the area, while also providing patients with ready access to the full capabilities of the Excela Health System should their condition or medical need require a higher level of care.”

Preliminary assessments of the $12 million project reveal the potential for an additional 35 new jobs beyond those Excela staff who would be relocated to the facility, and a significant local economic boost through construction jobs and the use of other vendors and companies in the area.

Excela plans to enter into a long-term land lease agreement with The Widewaters Group, owner of the Martin’s Plaza Shopping Center.

“We are excited about the positive impact the Excela initiative could have on Connellsville and its residents, from both a healthcare and economic perspective,’’ said Greg Lincoln, Mayor of Connellsville. “It certainly is our hope to bring this to positive conclusion.”
Both Excela and City officials stressed that the initiative is in a preliminary phase and would require going through a number of approval and regulatory processes. It is estimated that upon completion of those processes, construction of the complex would begin sometime in 2022, following the selection of construction management services and the facility would be operational in 2023. Architectural design for the project will be provided by JPT Healthcare Architects, Johnstown, PA, with engineering by Cenkner Engineering, Inc, Donegal, PA.

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