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David D.

  • Author: David D.
  • Date Submitted: Feb 23, 2022
  • Category: Why I Give

Most of us believe that a health care emergency will happen to someone else. I believed that too, before I suffered a heart attack! Of course, I was in denial about my symptoms, given that I was right in the middle of a holiday celebration. It must be a bit of indigestion from too many treats at the buffet.

But, my discomfort was a true medical emergency—a heart attack. Thanks to quick action by my wife and colleagues, the outstanding ambulance crew and the Latrobe Hospital Emergency Department, my outcome was a positive one. I understand now from my own reluctance to seek care, that countless others do likewise and many have a different outcome than mine.

Today, I am a community champion, educating on the message of the Golden Hour—that window of time in which the damage from a heart attack or stroke can be minimized. And, I as well as my family, lend our support financially to help enhance the cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs at Latrobe Hospital, as well as other patient-care initiatives. This is our way of giving back to those who gave me back my life.

I also practice what I preach regarding health and wellness. Regularly, I continue to participate in the cardiac rehab and maintenance program, which allows me to work out before work, several times a week.