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Hyperbaric Treatment

Oxygen. It's a necessary component for the body's tissues to function properly. If tissues are injured, they require greater amounts of oxygen to recover. When the body receives an increased amount of oxygen, it restores the normal level of blood gases and tissue function. This, in turn, encourages healing and combats infection. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the body is enveloped in 100 percent pure oxygen at a greater pressure than normal, forcing more oxygen into the tissue. The results are the formation of new blood vessels and an increase in the speed of healing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

For the advanced treatment of wounds, Excela Advanced Wound Center operates three hyperbaric oxygen chambers, with high levels of success. National tests have shown a hyperbaric healing rate of 80 percent with the average length of treatment at 67 days. At Excela, our rates have reached 93 percent healing, in an average of 49 days. It’s not surprising that some patients have called their results “miraculous.” Under a doctor’s supervision, patients lie in this chamber for two hours a day. The chamber’s atmosphere is 100 percent oxygen under pressure. The pressurized oxygen diffuses into the blood more easily, and this oxygen-rich plasma can reach up to three times farther into the damaged tissue. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment also has reduced the amputation rate. And, the treatment actually boosts immune system function.