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Excela Health’s Family Additions Maternity Center at our Westmoreland Hospital campus delivers award-winning quality care in family-friendly surroundings. To do that takes more than just a high level of attentive care. It also requires well-trained people, from physician specialists and physician’s assistants to nurse practitioners, obstetrical nurses and other health care professionals. It demands the best equipment and technologies, the highest level of support throughout the entire process, and an intense dedication to education every step of the way. All focused on you and your family.

Annually, more than 1,200 babies are delivered at the Family Additions Maternity Center and through it all, we offer individual sensitivity and care as well as professionalism and expertise. We pride ourselves on providing a knowledgeable team to meet the individual needs of each mother and child. And we’re sensitive to the special concerns of today's "modern families."

We offer a warm and caring family-centered environment. Our 10 private labor-delivery-recovery (LDR) suites have all the comforts of home, plus all the latest in health technology for both mom and baby.

And should you need specialized, emergency care during delivery, dedicated C-section rooms are equipped with the latest technology right down the hall.

About C-Sections

In the United States, nearly one in three women gives birth by Cesarean section, which is not the ideal. Cesarean sections carry serious risks of infection or blood clots, and many women experience longer recoveries and difficulty with future pregnancies. C-sections can also cause problems for babies, like breathing difficulties. In the long-term, research shows that C-sections can cause chronic pelvic pain in some women, and babies born by C-section are at increased risk of developing chronic childhood diseases like asthma and diabetes.

Excela Health Family Additions Maternity Center has been recognized nationally for helping women avoid this major abdominal surgery unless it is medically necessary for the health and well-being of mother and baby.

Welcoming Your Newborn

Bonding with your baby begins immediately following delivery through our 24/7 couplet care, which means baby “rooms in” so that our nursing team can help prepare your new family for life at home. Our private post-partum rooms also are furnished with pull-out beds helping to promote family togetherness.

Recognized as a “Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace” by the Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Collaborative and the Pennsylvania Breastfeeding Coalition, Excela Health offers you the support you need to successfully breast feed your baby. Our lactation consultants are here before delivery with prenatal education and they see every mom during the hospital stay. Once you and your baby are home, they are available for consultation.  For calls regarding breastfeeding, you can reach our lactation contacts by dialing 878-645-0519 or 724-832-4166.

Our Family Additions Maternity Center also features:

  • Special Care (Level II) Nursery – for infants born prematurely, with very low birth weight, or other difficulties, we provide ’round-the-clock care by certified neonatal nurse practitioners and neonatologists. Pediatricians are also close by to address special newborn needs.
  • Waiting room, complete with flat screen TV and coffee service
  • Newborn photo service
  • Celebratory Dinner

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