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Now more than ever, advanced screening can detect lung cancers earlier, so individuals can get better treatment outcomes. The screening utilizes a “low dose” CT scan to find any nodules especially in people who do not yet show any signs of lung cancer, but may be considered at high risk for the disease. Remember, the screening is a process, not a single test. An individual must adhere to the screening for early detection.

Who Should Consider a Lung Cancer Screening?

Recommendations for screening include the following:

  • Individual is age 55 to 77
  • Individual is a current or former smoker
  • If the individual is a former smoker, that smoker must have quit within the last 15 years

Benefits and Risks of Lung Cancer Screening

  • Chance of finding cancer is greater with the screening
  • Early detection usually means there are more treatment options available
  • The screening itself does not prevent cancer; it is a way to detect cancer, if present
  • Extremely low risk of developing cancer from the CT scan radiation
  • There can be a “false positive” reading, meaning the nodules detected may not be cancerous
  • There may be an added need for more testing if a nodule is detected

As a preventive service, the cost of the screening is covered by Medicare. Private insurance companies are starting to follow the same Medicare guidelines. Our staff will authorize all coverage and notify you of any out-of-pocket charges that may be required.

How to Schedule an Appointment

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 1-844-2TESTME today. Our staff will schedule your appointment if you meet the requirements listed above.