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Hospice is compassionate care and guidance for life’s final journey. Excela hospice care relieves many of the physical, emotional and spiritual burdens associated with a life limiting illness and provides comfort and dignity to each day spent together. But, the thought of a life limiting illness can be difficult to face, even overwhelming for the individual ... and the family.

Below is a questionnaire that may help you determine what options are right for you and your family/loved ones. 

Please note that this quiz is NOT a medical assessment, only a tool to determine the appropriateness of hospice care.

Does this apply to you or your loved one (please answer "Yes" or "no")

Expressed the desire to stay at home instead of going back to the hospital for treatment?

Experiencing unacceptable levels of pain?

Recognized an increasing dependence on oxygen throughout the day?

Have unmet emotional and spiritual needs?

Have increased symptoms due to chronic illness?

Need additional assistance with bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting or ambulation?

Spend more time in bed?

Lost weight without trying?

Been told that you or your loved one have a life limiting illness or that life expectancy is lessened?

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