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If you are an adult caring for a loved one recovering after a hospital stay, who is in need of ongoing skilled care, or simply is not feeling well, you are not alone. About one-third of the U.S. adult population is caring for someone who is ill, disabled or elderly. Providing that care can seem overwhelming at times, with many not knowing where to turn for help and support.

The following questionnaire can help you discover if home care is the answer. Please note that this quiz is NOT a medical assessment, only a tool to determine the appropriateness of home care. 

Please complete the following:

1. Has your loved one (mother, father, spouse, etc.) been diagnosed with any of the following conditions?

2. Has your loved one experienced one of more of the following in the past two to three months?
(Check all that apply)

3. Has your loved one's doctor prescribed any of the following treatments/medications?
(Check all that apply)

4. Is your loved one confused about which medications to take, does he/she have trouble keeping track of the medications or has he/she taken the wrong medication/dosage?

5. Does your loved one have a difficult time with any of the following activities?
(Check all that apply)

6. How hard is it for your loved one to move about safely and/or leave the home?
Choose the statement that describes his/her situation best.

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