When families get together over the holidays, the germs go 'round.

‘Tis the season for gastrointestinal distress, upper respiratory infections and flu-like symptoms.

Simple techniques, such as proper hand washing and covering your face while coughing or sneezing, may reduce the spread of these common health concerns.

While the common cold and influenza share many clinical features, acute cold symptoms typically appear gradually over one to two days, whereas influenza symptoms (high fever, severe muscle aches, dry cough, severe headache) are typically more severe and abrupt in onset, often developing within hours.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from these common ailments and need medical care, call 1-855-ExcelaDoc to schedule an appointment with an Excela physician.

Primary Care Weekends is another option when you need care and your doctor isn’t available.  The office is located inside the offices of Diagnostic Associates at Latrobe Hospital, and you can walk in or call to schedule an appointment, 724-537-1020.

If your symptoms require immediate attention, consider the emergency services of Frick and Latrobe Hospitals, where the wait times are generally shorter.

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