Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: What You Need to Know from Excela Health
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For more than 20 years, Excela Health Behavioral Health has been a leader in school-based behavioral health services, currently providing Student Assistance programs to 12 school districts throughout Westmoreland County.

We also operate comprehensive outpatient services, including a summer therapeutic day camp for the Derry Area, Greater Latrobe, Ligonier Valley and Mount Pleasant Area school districts, providing individual, group and family therapy, and medication management. In addition to direct services, our professionals consult with teachers and school officials on behavioral health issues affecting the learning process and work together with them toward effective action.


"I would have been the last person they thought that would have done heroin because I had everything ... nobody knew what I was struggling with deep down."  Watch how one former Norwin High School student overcame addiction and learn about the resources available to prevent others from walking this same path.