Bariatric Care in Westmoreland County

Our online seminar is designed to teach you about the different bariatric procedures we offer, the surgeons who perform them, and the lifestyle changes that come with surgery.  Or, you can attend one of our live community meetings by contacting our Call Center, 1-877-771-1234.

Excela Health’s bariatric physicians understand the many complex reasons that can cause a weight problem. And we put together a comprehensive program in Bariatric Care with the latest surgical techniques and a focus on individual support, before and after surgery, to make your steps to a healthier life clearer, simpler and easier.

Every person is different with his or her own unique story and personal goals.  We work first to understand your needs and then work towards finding the best weight loss approach for you.  Our patients share their own stories in order to help others understand how weight loss surgeries can make a difference.  

Make this the first step on your journey back to a more normal, healthier life ... the life you’ve always wanted.