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A Prescription For Caring Within The Family And Beyond

A Prescription For Caring Within The Family And Beyond

Latrobe Hospital Family Medicine Resident Follows In Mother’s Footsteps

LATROBE, PA, May 5, 2022 … It is oft referred to as the biblical commandment with a promise … the one about honoring fathers and mothers.

The Florendo family has been adhering to this practice for decades, and while its fulfillment in long life may not be the literal outcome, the lasting legacy of such a commitment certainly will be. This Mother’s Day the effects of love’s labors are evident as a daughter emulates her father, and children in two generations follow in their footsteps.

In pursuing a medical career, Dr. Christine (Cheng) Florendo, the owner of Kids Care Pediatrics, paid homage to her late father, who was a family practice physician in their native Philippines. When she decided to become a pediatrician, she heeded a similar call to serve.

“You are healthier and happier when you’re helping others,” stresses this mother of four, who testifies to that truth with each patient encounter she’s had since she entered group practice in 1995 in the Mountain View area of Unity Township.
When her partners decided to affiliate with Children’s Hospital Community Care in 2004, she made the move to a solo practice, but it’s really been a family affair with her daughter Camille as office manager and grandson Chase, now 10, helping to pull charts after school. More in keeping with his grandfather, Christine Florendo’s oldest child, Jeremiah, is now on track to become a family medicine physician, concluding his intern year this spring within the Excela Health Latrobe Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program. And every member of the Florendo clan will continue to be inspired by the late Benedict Florendo who gave his wife and offspring roots and wings before his untimely passing in January 2021.
As Jeremiah Florendo described his father, “His job was to make sure we could do our jobs. He fully embraced his role as that pillar, quietly functioning in the background as the pediatrics practice administrator, serving as a role model through his leadership in our church community, and often doubling as ‘Mister Mom’ to be sure things ran smoothly.”

Of course, Dr. Mom has had a different influence, but sometimes her professional opinion has led to some humorous moments for the family. Such as the time their younger daughter, Margaret, who is now a chiropractor in Florida, asked Mom if she could see another doctor in the practice just to be sure she had gotten it right about her chest pain. Though Margaret was only 8 years old at the time, it still made for a funny medical memory. Or later in life, when Chase, then an infant, was experiencing his first rash and Jeremiah didn’t believe Mom could diagnose the baby without being face-to-face. Of course she could, but in both instances, Dr. Mom laughed away the anxiety and offered reassurance.

Christine Florendo believe that her quiet steady presence is the best example her children can have, and is confident that her own work ethic and obvious satisfaction in doing something of benefit to others speak volumes about what truly matters
“I think my dad would be very proud to know what a role model he was and how he continues to influence our lives,” she said. “I never felt I needed to push hard to shape my children; they see how we live and how fulfilling it is.”

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PHOTO: Three generations of Florendos point the way to health and well-being: Dr. Christine Florendo, her son Dr. Jeremiah Florendo, a first-year resident in the Excela Health Latrobe Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program, and her grandson Chase. There have been many humorous medical moments for this family, and even now, they take checkups in stride. Both Jeremiah and Chase are happy to have the advice and influence of Dr. Mom guiding their decision making, particularly when it comes to good health.