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A Look at Athletic Trainers

A Look at Athletic Trainers

Here are a few facts about Athletic Trainers and their importance to a sports program.

One Goal

Athletic trainers have one goal on the field, the athlete’s health and safety.

Team Player

Along with being a part of the sports team, athletic trainers are a part of a team of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine professionals.

Ready for Anything

Broken leg, neck injury or heart issues, certified athletic trainers are skilled in multiple disciplines and ready to help. Athletic Trainers are trained life-saving CPR and AED use.

Proactive Behavior

Aside from assessing injuries that happen during the game, athletic trainers are proactive in helping athletes prevent injuries from occurring. From proper hydration to stretching techniques to strength training, athletic trainers are working to keep athlete’s healthy.


Concussion are one of the most common injuries to occur among athletes and our athletic trainers are educated on how to recognize, assess and manage them.

Providing Support

Athletic trainers understand the passion athletes have for the game and are there to support them both physically and mentally.

Health Care Professionals

Athletic trainers complete years of educational training, along with clinical training before stepping onto the field. Athletic trainers abide by HIPAA laws just like all medical professionals.

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