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Excela Health Role Spotlight: Lisa, RN

Excela Health Role Spotlight: Lisa, RN

February is American Heart Month. During the month, we will be highlighting different members of the Heart Center at Excela Health and the part they play in caring for patients. To learn more about the award winning Heart, Lung & Vascular Institute, click here or to Find a Doctor, click here. 

Meet registered nurse, Lisa Tomko. Lisa works in cardiothoracic surgery. She has worked in cardiac surgery since 2008. "My goal for each patient preparing for OHS (open heart surgery) and their family are for them to feel safe and reassured as they anticipate their procedure. I and the entire CT surgery team focus on patient centered education to facilitate positive outcomes and help address any questions or concerns the patient may have as they navigate this experience."

"Educating our patients and families is near and dear to my heart. I recall my time spent at the bedside, when I was able to listen to the questions and concerns of the patients and their loved ones. Through my years of experience, I feel valuable in the time I can devote to our patients, in their pre-op and post-op phases. Plus, the great team that I work with each day is amazing!"

Lisa enjoys working at Excela Health because " the members of the Heart, Lung & Vascular Institute are diversified in their background and in everything they contribute to the experience of our team, and more importantly to our patients. From their professional expertise in this specialty, their time spent with Excela Health, and their personal involvement in the community and with their own families, I see a vibrant future for our program."

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