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50 Year Employee Spotlight: James Claycomb

50 Year Employee Spotlight: James Claycomb

James Claycomb was working part-time at a local gas station, but the schedule was spotty and what he really needed was a steady job.  He found such an opportunity at Westmoreland Hospital when he applied for a housekeeping position.  That was 1972. This month Claycomb marks 50 years of employment with Excela Health, the bulk of which has been in Facilities Management as a maintenance engineer, specializing in heating and air conditioning and computer based building automation.

While he's participated in various trainings and simulations as new equipment and technology have been introduced at the hospital, Claycomb's expertise is rooted in decades of experience as he has made a career troubleshooting mechanical problems that result in cost- and time-savings for the health system.

"I love the challenge and the search for a solution," he says.  "The internet allows you to research manuals and see how others have resolved tricky maintenance issues."

Claycomb also enjoys the camaraderie among his co-workers, which is why at age 70 he still isn't ready to retire. 

"I thought about it, and I'd still be wanting a part-time job, so why would I leave a place where I made a good living doing something I enjoy."

Over the years, he's also grown fond of a four-day workweek, which means he and his wife, Marie, spend long weekends camping, a pastime that will become his full-time avocation once he's ready to say goodbye.

Beyond the personal satisfaction he's derived from his career, Claycomb is also gratified that he's been a good role model for new hires into the department and demonstrated a strong work ethic to his stepson.  Both are priceless dividends of a job well done.

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