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Excela Health Introduces Smartcurve™ Breast Stabilization System

GREENSBURG, PA, June 15, 2020 … Officials at the Excela Health System today announced the introduction of Hologic’s SmartCurve Breast Stabilization System into the spectrum of technology available through its Breast Health Center.

The SmartCurve System is designed to greatly improve comfort during breast
compression, especially for women who experience pain using conventional flat
compression panels. The SmartCurve system provides a curved compression surface
that offers a more comfortable patient experience without compromising image quality,
exam time, dose, or workflow.

Featuring a proprietary curved surface that mirrors the shape of a woman’s
breast, the SmartCurve system reduces pinching and allows better distribution of force
over the entire breast. It also features processing algorithms that ensure the
preservation of image quality and accuracy.

The SmartCurve system is also contoured to follow both the shape of the breast
and the chest. This facilitates more uniform compression as compared to flat paddles,
while at the same time reducing the pressure needed to immobilize the breast.

“The beauty of SmartCurve is its combination of a more comfortable, yet highly
effective scan of the breast,” said Sharon Goldstein, MD, FACS, and Director of the
Breast Health Center at Excela. “This tandem can only serve to encourage women to be more compliant in seeking screening or baseline mammograms and regular follow-ups as part their routine healthcare regimen.”

Recent data reveals that pain is the number one complaint of women during a
mammogram, with seven of 10 experiencing some degree of discomfort. Moreover,
nearly 50 percent reported anxiety and fear of pain as the reason for never having a

Over 90 percent of women who underwent mammography utilizing the
SmartCurve system reported increased comfort during the procedure and 95 percent
would recommend a facility that offers it.

“It would be logical that if we can improve the patient experience during a
mammogram, we can improve the number of patients accessing this life-saving,
diagnostic technology,” commented David Gray, DO, a staff radiologist who specializes in breast imaging at Excela Health. “SmartCurve is an important and effective tool in that objective and a material advance in breast health for women in Westmoreland County.”

Acquisition of the SmartCurve Breast Stabilization System was made possible
through proceeds derived from the Westmoreland/Frick Hospital Foundation and its
Black Tie for Hope Gala. “We are gratified to see such a tangible expression of what the Gala is meant to do,” said Ray Charley, Foundation Board Chair. “We thank our
supporters for making such a material difference in the health of those who turn to
Excela for care.”

Reference: 1. Smith, A. Improving Patient Comfort in Mammography. Hologic WP-00119 Rev 003 (2017)

About Excela Health:

Excela Health, a 578-bed, tertiary-based health System in Westmoreland County, PA includes three hospitals – Excela Westmoreland Hospital, Excela Latrobe Hospital, and Excela Frick Hospital – and serves more than 23,000 inpatients, 700,000 outpatients, and 100,000 emergency visits annually. With more than 700 physicians and allied health professionals and 4,800 employees, Excela is a regional leader in clinical areas such as Cardiovascular Disease, Orthopedics, and Emergency Medicine.

The System has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report among the
nation’s Best Regional Hospitals. To learn more, visit

About Hologic:

Hologic, Inc. is an innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women’s health and well-being through early detection and treatment. For more information on Hologic, visit

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