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The Foundations of Excela Health 

Philanthropy Changes Lives – your own as well as those who benefit from the gifts you give. All charitable giving begins from a place deep within us – it is more than money, it is a story. What motivates me professionally and inspires my own personal giving is my 6-month old grandson, Sam.

I have looked into the faces of the newborns in the Special Care Nursery at Westmoreland Hospital's Family Additions Maternity Center, and they are all "little Sams", each one full of potential and promise, yet based on circumstances beyond their control, many struggle to thrive.

I am heartened to know that the infant warmers that nurture their healthy development were made possible by donors who share Excela Health's mission to improve the health and well-being of every life we touch.

What will inspire your giving? Be assured that whatever it is, your contribution to Excela Health will be life changing.

image of Al Novak, Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Al Novak
Vice President and Chief Development Officer

A Foundation of Support in the Time of COVID

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