Reaching Into The Community

Excela Health offers a wide variety of health-related screenings, educational classes, support groups, a Speaker's Bureau and health fairs to make health care more accessible to the communities it serves.  Through these venues, and others, you have the opportunity to pursue a course of wellness, find needed support, learn about Excela Health capabilities and how we can help, or discover unknown health conditions early on, so treatment can begin quickly while offering the best possible chance for care and cure.


Don't Miss A Beat - Dining Out With CHF-Friendly Meals

Don't let congestive heart failure (CHF) put a damper on your dining out experience.  While you guard your heart, Excela Health has your back, along with the following restaurants, offering a CHF-friendly item with less than 800 mgs of sodium.  Look for our Heart Center logo next to menu items at your favorite restaurants...

  • Bella Mimi's Restaurant & catering, Jeannette
  • The Boulevard Restaurant, Greensburg/Delmont
  • Carbone's Restaurant, Crabtree
  • Chef Dato's Table, Latrobe
  • Chef Mark's Palate, Latrobe
  • DeGennaro's Restaurant & Lounge, Greensburg
  • DeNunzio's Italian Restaurants, Jeannette and Latrobe
  • Dino's Sports Lounge, Greensburg and Latrobe
  • The Firepit Wood Fired Grill, Irwin
  • IHOP, Greensburg and Uniontown
  • The Lamplighter, Delmont
  • LaTavola Ristorante, New Stanton
  • Ligonier Tavern, Ligonier
  • Mauro's Ristorante & Lounge, Jeannette
  • Nino's Restaurant, Mount Pleasant
  • Old Route 66 Grille, Greensburg
  • Red Lobster, Greensburg
  • Rizzo's Malabar Inn, Crabtree
  • Sun Dawg Cafe, Greensburg

For more information about menu selections at these restaurants, just click here.


Keeping Healthy This Winter

As the weather changes and temperatures drop, viruses have a greater opportunity to thrive indoors when windows and doors are closed.  To ward off some of these winter "bugs", there are healthy habits you can follow: Maintain a healthy diet, exercise, get a good night's sleep, lessen or eliminate stress.  Equally important - hand washing.  But if you do come down with a cold or flu, remember that antibiotics are not always the answer.  To learn more about antibiotic use, click on "Antibiotics - What You Need to Know".  To learn about the difference between a virus and bacterial infection, click on "What's Got You Sick".

Antibiotics - What You Need to Know

What's Got You Sick