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Tuesday, January 24

Living with Diabetes - Frick Wound Center (1/24/2017)

09:00 AM

Series of three classes providing information to help manage diabetes

Wednesday, January 25

Living with Diabetes - Frick Wound Center (1/25/2017)

01:00 PM

Series of three classes providing information to help manage diabetes

1st Step Pre-Op Joint Education - Latrobe (1/25/2017)

04:30 PM

This 90-minute class is to help prepare people for knee or hip replacement at Excela Health. It is designed to assist individuals and their families with concerns addressing pre and post surgery. The class should be attended several weeks prior to surgery.

Body Sculpt-Westmoreland (1/25/2017)

04:30 PM

This class is designed to give you a full body work out. It will help strengthen the core, increase your cardiovascular endurance, help maintain and increase strength, and improve flexibility. The instructor will incorporate a wide variety of resistance exercises and plyometrics. The last 10-15 min. will be spent, strengthening the core and stretching. This is a fun and energetic class. Modifications are given for all fitness levels. Please bring mat, athletic shoes, and water. Any questions please contact EH Well Being Center ~ 724-830-8568

Bariatric Surgery Support Group - Westmoreland (1/25/2017)

06:00 PM

Support Group

Grief Support - Art Class (1/25/2017)

06:00 PM

This is a Art Therapy Group that meets every Wednesday at 6PM at Latrobe Hospital. Anyone interested in joining and for more information please call Maureen Ceidro @ 724-516-8605.

Infant Care Class (1/25/2017)

07:00 PM

This two class series teaches the basic of baby care. Information will include the physical appearance of the newborn, hospital procedures, newborn tests, physical care techniques and car seat safety. Bring a baby doll if possible. Registration is required.

Thursday, January 26

Mall Walkers- Westmoreland Mall (1/26/2017)

08:00 AM

Mall Walkers