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Wednesday, January 22

Body Sculpt-Westmoreland (1/22/2020)

04:30 PM

This full body workout is designed to strengthen all major muscle groups, improve cardiovascular endurance and increase flexibility. The instructor will be incorporating a wide variety of resistance exercises and plyometrics. The last 10-15 minutes will be spent on strengthening the core and stretching. Modifications are given for all fitness levels. Please bring your mat and water, and wear exercise clothing and athletic shoes. Any questions please contact EH Well Being Center at 724-830-8568.

Childbirth & Beyond (1/22/2020)

06:00 PM

A 2-week childbirth education class offered to help you develop a support system and decrease your anxiety about your upcoming birth. The class will also provide you with information and tools to use in labor and delivery, along with newborn care techniques. Lamaze breathing techniques are mentioned; however, the instructor will not go into detail. Recommended registration to attend class is 8 to 10 weeks before your due date. You will be registered in a class according to your Due Date. Bring 2 pillows, a blanket for use on the floor and a support person.

Thursday, January 23

Intro to HIIT-Excela Square Latrobe (1/23/2020)

03:45 PM

Intro to HIIT is a full body workout. This class is a moderate intensity interval training sequence with moderate intensity exercises. This training helps build cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and endurance. This class is to help people challenge themselves and walk out feeling strong.

Basic Yoga-Excela Square Latrobe (1/23/2020)

05:15 PM

Yoga is defined as the union of the mind body and spirit. This class is designed for beginners and experienced participants. Giving them the ability to create a practice within their personal boundaries. Becoming aware of ones breathe to gracefully move throughout restorative and energetic poses. It starts with basic poses, offering instructions to flow into more challenging poses. Giving one the opportunity to grow with practice. It will help build strength, flexibility and proper alignment. Yoga is a journey of mindfulness and growth. The class will end with 10-15 min. of meditation giving you the opportunity to peel away a layer of stress and bring your awareness to inner peace. Opening yourself to eternal love and light. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a mat and water bottle. $20 Fee for the entire year. Any questions contact EH Wellbeing Center ~ 724-830-8568

Friday, January 24

Westmoreland-Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) (1/24/2020)

07:00 PM

AA Friday Meeting

Saturday, January 25

Smokeless Saturdays - Westmoreland (1/25/2020)

09:00 AM

Referral Process 1) The court or school sends a student referral form to Breathe Pennsylvania or completes an online registration. Register at 2) Breathe Pennsylvania sends a letter to the parents/guardians outlining the program details. 3) Notification of the student's scheduling is sent to the referring source. 4) The student attends/does not attend Smokeless Saturday 5) Breathe Pennsylvania sends a letter confirming the student's attendance status. Please note: -Sessions run from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. -Tuition is $50.00. Attendance confirmation is withheld until tuition is paid. -If a student cannot attend, he/she may be rescheduled if a request is made in advance. A maximum of one scheduling request will be accommodated. -Classes may be requested, however not all requests may be accommodated due to class size and space limitations. -Sessions may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Students will be notified via the KDKA weather alert system and/or Facebook and will be rescheduled for the next available class. -Please direct all questions to Breathe PA at (724) 772-1750.

Westmoreland-Narcotics Anonymous (NA) (1/25/2020)

07:00 PM

NA Saturday Meeting

Sunday, January 26

Westmoreland - AA - Sunday Serenity (1/26/2020)

10:30 AM

AA Sunday Serenity