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Governance Committees

Advisory Board – Dr. Jim Lynch – Chair

The EHMG Advisory Board has authority and responsibility for the conduct of EHMG clinical activities and to oversee the operations of EHMG as well as serve as the focal point for strategic and financial decision-making for the physicians. In addition to providing leadership for physicians employed by EHMG the Advisory Board also provides input to the Board of Trustees and overall management of EHMG.

Divisional Operations – Dr. Richards – Chair

The EHMG Divisional Operations committee is comprised of physician leaders across all major specialties and primary care. The primary role of this committee is to provide guidance on service line development, recruitment, and other strategic initiatives that improve patient access and growth of new business.

Finance and Operations – Dr. Mark Suzuki – Chair

With support from Excela Health, the EHMG Finance and Operations committee works to develop strategies within EHMG that drive success both financially and operationally. The committees’ functions consist of planning, developing, deploying, monitoring and analyzing the medical group’s business initiatives.

Compensation and Benefits – Dr. Karen Lang – Chair

The role of the EHMG Compensation and Benefits committee is to set consistent standards across the employed physician group with respect to a fair and equitable structure for physicians, advanced practice providers, and support staff regarding their compensation and benefits. By incorporating quality, citizenship and patient experience in the compensation structure, it is the goal of this committee to use these standards for recruitment and retention excellence.

Governance Committee – Dr. Steve C. Mills – Chair

Composed of current and past EHMG physician leaders as well as at-large physician representatives, the EHMG Governance Committee sets its sights on maintaining and strengthening a sustainable structure for the medical group and its members. Through effective monitoring of policy development and oversight, the committee strives for organizational vitality of the medical group.

Quality Committee – Dr. Geneen Dashefsky – Chair

The EHMG Quality Committee provides a platform upon which quality standards for the medical group are created and implemented. Comprised of EHMG physicians, administrators, IT representatives and billing specialists, the committee identifies quality measures that are felt to be clinically relevant as well as in alignment with standards of care in practice today. The group not only identifies and defines these measures, but disseminates and educated the medical staff of EHMG.

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