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Professional Nursing Practice

Nursing at Excela Heath is grounded in our Professional Practice Model (PPM), which is built on concepts pulled from multiple theories and frameworks. Click here to download the PPM.

Professional nurses at Excela Health have a voice in decision making to create a positive impact on the quality of patient and family Care. Clinical professional nurses assume responsibility for nursing practice while participating in collegial relationships with other disciplines in the planning and delivery of patient care. We offer diverse options for councils, committees and work groups to meeting individual needs and passions. Click here to download the professional governance model.

Mary Mogle

"It has been said, " Excellence is never an accident...”. The work being done by nurses shows purposeful creation and implementation of processes; caring and advocating for patients; and the drive and participation to change obstacles into opportunities resulting in Excela Nursing excellence."

- Mary Mogle MSN, RN Emergency Department Case Manager, Latrobe Hospital Professional Governance Chair

Lydia King

"It takes a strong person to handle the stresses that have been placed upon the hospital system. Excela Health nurses showed hope, strength and selflessness to every life they touched. They have given compassion, courage and a caring hand not only to their patients, but also their fellow colleagues. They have shown purpose and passion for the work they do every day."

- Lydia King MSN, RN, PHRN Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Excela Frick Emergency Department Leadership Council Chair

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