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Cameos of Caring

Excela Health is proud to be a participant in the Cameos of Caring® Award sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing.

What Is the Award?

The award was created to pay tribute to the profession of nursing and recognize registered nurses’ commitment and dedication to the delivery of quality patient care. Also, the award provides increased public awareness of the nursing profession by highlighting the rewards of a nursing career. This awareness is vital in recruiting a new generation of nurses to offset the current nursing shortage.

Who Is Eligible?

Nominations for this award are open to all non-exempt registered nurses who provide
direct patient care.
Our goal is to select Excela Health registered nurses who:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to consistent, proactive decision-making and
  • excellence in nursing care
  • Serve as an effective advocate for patients and their families
  • Encourage and motivate others, and be recognized as a role model for the profession of nursing

How Do We Nominate a Registered Nurse to Receive This Award?

Although only professional registered nurses may be nominated, anyone from any discipline or department may nominate an RN. The nomination forms are reviewed anonymously by a group of judges that may include administration, the Executive Board, nursing management, the chief nursing officer, Education and physicians. This group selects the awardees (one from each campus) using the information submitted on the nomination forms.

What Happens Next?

The awardees are announced during the National Nurses Week Celebration. Our registered nurses represent Excela Heath at an awards gala in Pittsburgh. Awardees receive a specially crafted award that symbolizes excellence in clinical practice and are featured in the Cameos of Caring video presentation. Proceeds from the gala benefit the Cameos of Caring® Scholarship Fund, an endowment that helps registered nurses advance their education.

2020 Cameos
Ruth Fox, RN, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Ambulatory
Samantha Brown, BSN, RN, Acute Care

2019 Cameos
Jamie Kimmick, BSN, RN, CCRN, Acute Care
Melissa Townsend, RN, Ambulatory Care

2018 Cameos
Lori Zajdel, BSN, RN, PCU, Westmoreland Hospital
Amber Mauck, BSN, RN, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice
Kathleen Rosatti, MSN, RN, Director of Medical Outcomes, Patient Safety and Infection Prevention; Quality and Safety Award

2017 Cameos
Nicole Komenda, MSN, RN, CEN, Emergency Department, Frick Hospital
Diane Montini, RN, Excela Square at Norwin

2016 Cameos
Bernadette Wallace, BSN, RN, Acute Care
Tammie Hoke, RN, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice
Raymond Paronish, CRNP, (Palliative Care), Advanced Practice Award

2015 Cameos
Denise Addis, MSN, RN, CHHQ, Quality and Safety Award
Christy West, BSN, RN, Acute Care, Westmoreland Hospital
Megan Reed, BSN, RN, Ambulatory Care, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice

2014 Cameos
Nicole Albert, RN, Frick Hospital
Maureen Cutrell, BSN, RN, Westmoreland Hospital
Matthew Klimchock, BSN, RN, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice
Debbie Wilson, RN, CCRN, Latrobe Hospital

2013 Cameos
Shawn Ditch, RN, BSN, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice
Kayla M. Ellis, RN, BSN, SANE-A, Emergency Department, Latrobe Hospital
Karen Kettering, RN-C, Family Additions Maternity Center, Westmoreland Hospital
Jeanie Thomas, RN, BSN, SANE, Emergency Department, Frick Hospital

2012 Cameos
Kerri Humes, RM, Frick Hospital
Brenda Toth, RN, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice
Patti Lukon, RN, Latrobe Hospital
Angela Ritz, RN, Westmoreland Hospital

2011 Cameos
Kim Wystepek, RN, Frick Hospital
Mary Ellen Davin, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice
Barbara Grote, RN, Latrobe Hospital
Diane Testa, RN, Westmoreland Hospital

2010 Cameos
Sandra C. Brown, RN, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Frick Hospital
Luanne M. Klimchock, RN, CHPN, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice
Jill Helinsky, RN, Pediatrics/Women’s Care, Westmoreland Hospital
Cindy Weston, RN, ER, Latrobe Hospital

2009 Cameos
Amy Medved, CRNP, Westmoreland Hospital
Christina Yasick, RN, BSN 3D, Westmoreland Hospital
Stacie L. Shultz, RN, Emergency, Frick Hospital
Kathy Phillips, RN, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice
Nancy J. Goodman, RN, Clinical Coordinator 3 South, Latrobe Hospital
Diane Brannan, RN, 1st Floor Annex, Westmoreland at Jeannette Hospital campus

2008 Cameos
Michele Curcio, RN, 2 South, Frick Hospital
Charles Burkholder, RN, Excela Health Home Care & Hospice
Lynnette Rendina, RN, 3D Nursing Supervisor, Westmoreland Hospital
Michelle Stevens, RN, Westmoreland at Jeannette Hospital campus

2007 Cameos
Bobbi Jo Davis, RN, IV Team, Frick Hospital
Judy Welty, RN, Behavioral Health, Latrobe Hospital
Sandra Zebrak, RN, 2 AB, Westmoreland Hospital

2006 Cameos
Lori Basinger, RN, Frick Hospital
Mary Alice Hoffer, RN, Latrobe Hospital
Gary Pernelli, RN, Westmoreland Hospital

2005 Cameos
Diane Kreider, RN, CCU, Frick Hospital
Andrea "Angie" Eicher, RN, 3 North, Latrobe Hospital
Darlene Nagrosky, BSN, RN, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab, Westmoreland Hospital

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