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This award recognizes a health care team member who is instrumental in building quality practice environments.  An outstanding care team member may be a licensed practical nurse, technical partner/nursing assistant, nursing service clerk or escort.

2017 Awardees
Josh Bickerstaff, Escort, Westmoreland Hospital
Melanie Bergstrom, LPN, 4 Surgical, Latrobe Hospital
Cheryl Thiel, Medical Secretary, Excela Health Home Care and Hospice
Deonna Pallottini, Technical Partner, Joint Works, Latrobe Hospital

2016 Awardees
Susan Melenia, Escort, Westmoreland Hospital
Dennis Scrabot, ALS Tech, Frick Hospital Emergency Department
Tracey Shaffer, Unit Clerk, Westmoreland Hospital, Labor and Delivery
Janet Errett, LPN, Nursing Pool

2015 Awardees
Robin Palmer, Technical Partner, Latrobe Hospital
Shirley Kansky, Escort, Westmoreland Hospital
Karen Showman, Unit Clerk, Frick Hospital
Brenda Koreen, LPN, Westmoreland Hospital

2014 Awardees
Linda Hines, Technical Partner, Westmoreland Hospital
Charlene Marucco, LPN, Latrobe Hospital
Peggy Chockla, Nursing Service Clerk, Latrobe Hospital
Pam Sabat, Escort, Frick Hospital