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It goes without saying that nurses are a significant asset to the overall organization.  Every nurse contributes to making the health system an organization that has a healthy work environment, where team members can work collaboratively and collegially.  As such, we take great pride in celebrating nursing excellence and recognizing those whose outstanding contributions serve as a model for us all.

As our nation pauses to recognize you during National Nurses Week, we would like to convey our profound gratitude and deepest appreciation for all that you do for our patients and their loved ones.  Nowhere is the strength of human touch more evident than in the healing hands of our nurses. Read more.

Outstanding Nurse Resident

This new award, introduced in 2016, is the Outstanding Nurse Resident Award.  It is presented to a registered nurse, employed in the Excela Health system, who graduates from nursing school within the past two years and completes the Excela Health Nurse Residency Program.  And the winners are: 

Sabrina Butler, BSN, RN

Brittany Coles, RN

Jessica Fordyce, RN
Westmoreland Hospital, 2AB

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