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New Graduate Opportunities

For additional information on New Graduate Nurse positions at Excela Health, please contact the Employment Center and ask to speak with our Nurse Recruiter, at (724) 832-4261.

Excela Health Nurse Residency Program

Excela Health offers a Nurse Residency Program to newly licensed nurses.  The goal of the program is to support new nurses as they transition from nursing student to the role of the professional nurse.

The Nurse Residency Program is an 12-month comprehensive program designed to assist with the development of skills and competencies necessary to deliver safe, efficient and high quality patient care. Nurse Residents progress through three phases:

  • Phase I consisting of three and one-half days of general classroom orientation to Excela Health and Excela Health Nursing.  This is followed by a unit-based clinical orientation where the new nurse is supported by a preceptor for the entire length of orientation, which typically runs from eight to 12 weeks.
  • Phase II consisting of an additional 24 hours of interactive classroom education focusing on the key components of clinical, professional and leadership roles.
  • Phase III leads the new nurse through continued professional development activities including independent, self-directed activities and the development of a professional portfolio.




Loan Forgiveness Program ... For Registered Nurses*

Pursuing a nursing education and subsequent nursing career can be very rewarding ... and expensive. To help ease the burden of school loans accumulated throughout nursing school, Excela Health is introducing its new Loan Forgiveness Program, a way to repay part of those loans while you build your career.

We know that working as a nurse is a great way to help patients, their families and the community in a meaningful way.  So, we want to reward your efforts by helping you with your loan balance.

Here's How the Loan Forgiveness Program Works

1. Monthly student loan payments start the month after the nurse-employee completes the six-month introductory period satisfactorily.

2. For eligible nurse-employees, $100 per month is paid directly to the student loan institution of the employee's choice for up to 50 consecutive monthly payments.

3. The nurse-employee must "Meet Expectations" or higher on performance reviews.  Those on a Performance Improvement Plan, formal disciplinary action, written warning or above are not eligible.

4. Those who receive the loan forgiveness must remain employed at Excela Health for at lest 12 month after receiving the final loan payment.  Those who do not remain for that specified time must repay all loan payments received.

*Also includes full and part-time RNs and weekend RNs who have not utilized the Excela Health Educational Assistance benefit.




Trevor Sheesley, BSN, RN, Float Pool
Excela Health Nursing Staff
This recent letter from Trevor Walker to the Excela Health Chief Nursing Officer discusses his experience in the Nurse Residency Program.

"The Nurse Residency Program at Excela Health was an excellent way to start my nursing career: through wonderful experiences, a plethora of learning opportunities, and the ease of transitioning from a student to a full-fledged RN.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences while in the Nurse Residency Program and would recommend it to all graduate nurses looking to start their nursing careers in the right direction.  Graduate nurses need a strong base on which to build what they learned in school.  This is exactly what the program accomplishes.  The preceptors assigned to me did an absolutely fabulous job in fostering the nursing mindset and laying the ground work for the last few steps on the path to nursing.

Not only were the clinical experiences fantastic, but so too was the classroom time.  These sessions ... helped ensure that all the knowledge gleaned during nursing school is further emphasized and polished throughout the program.  This adds yet another layer to ensure each nurse is equipped with every arsenal possible to provide outstanding patient care.

My preceptors are owed a big "thank you" for my early success into nursing ... This, coupled with all the classroom time, the excellent preceptors and the general sense the program instilled showed that we new RNs were cared for, making this a truly enjoyable experience. ... I can give a lot of thanks to the Nurse Residency Program at Excela Health."