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About Excela Health and Critical Careback to Make a Donation

    About Excela Health

    A decade ago, health care leaders across Westmoreland County met to discuss their vision of a quality health system that would provide high level services and accomplish two objectives: inspire confidence among area residents and offer that care locally.

    From that meeting Excela Health was born, and today, serves as the region’s leading provider of advanced medical care.

    Founded in 2004, Excela Health joined together three hospitals – Frick Hospital, Mount Pleasant; Latrobe Hospital, Latrobe, and Westmoreland Hospital, Greensburg – all with deep roots in their communities and each spanning a century of care. It also gathered together other health-related entities serving community needs including home care, hospice, charitable foundations, and a medical equipment and supply company. Through a medical staff of 540 physicians, 206 allied health professionals, and more than 4,600 employees along with a complement of volunteers, we strive to put forth “The Excela Way” where we believe our success is rooted in safe and efficient patient-centered care driven by value-based behaviors. In other words, we seek to live our mission of “Improving the health and well-being of every life we touch.”

    The Evolution of Critical Care at Westmoreland Hospital

    Throughout its 100-year history, Westmoreland Hospital has always sought to be innovative. That includes adding an intensive care unit to care for those critically ill and injured patients coming to our doors.

    1955: The ICU concept was introduced in the United States. Westmoreland Hospital followed suit toward the end of that decade with its new ICU.

    1960: A hospital improvement project included a revamped, six-bed ICU.

    1967: Westmoreland Hospital opens the first coronary care unit in the county.

    1976: The hospital consolidated the critical care unit.

    1980s: Through a massive renovation project called Project 80, the hospital opened its coronary step-down unit.

    1986: Westmoreland Hospital was one of just a few hospitals in western Pennsylvania to introduce an Intensivist Program, providing in-hospital physician-specialist coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Today: Our capital campaign launched to assure high level care for the critically ill and injured today … and into the future.