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Tay Waltenbaugh would spend every day in the outdoors if he could.  But years on the basketball court as a young man coupled with the adventurous activity of an avid hunter and fisherman threatened to curtail his pastimes.  At age 63, Tay was experiencing severe pain in his knees due to arthritis.  In order to maintain his rigorous lifestyle and to be an active presence in his young grandson’s life, he knew he needed joint replacement surgery.

Given Tay’s excellent physical condition, Excela Health orthopedic surgeon Greg Bisignani, MD, was able to perform bilateral knee replacement late last fall. “I think everything is easy, but it’s not,” said Tay. “Excela Health made it easy.” 

Bilateral joint replacement is not the norm, because most people who require joint replacement have become so debilitated by pain, they lack the stamina to withstand the pre- and post- surgery regimen necessary to make the joint replacement successful.  Generally, orthopedic surgeons repair one knee at a time, allowing the patient the opportunity to heal, rehabilitate and gain strength before undergoing the second surgery.

Tay was that rare bird who was both mentally and physically prepared for the dual knee replacements. But he credits Excela’s pre-surgery education for establishing clear expectations and goals for a successful operation and recovery afterward. And even though he thought he was prepared, “I had a lot to learn about self-care, pain management post-op, and home modifications to accommodate my physical therapy follow-up.”

For Tay, knees are made for more than walking.  As a grandfather, outdoorsman and business CEO, Tay’s knees will continue to carry him through every step he takes each day, thanks to Excela Health’s orthopedic and rehabilitation programs.

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