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Sunday, February 19

Westmoreland - AA - Sunday Serenity (2/19/2017)

10:30 AM

Support Group

Maternity Department Tour (2/19/2017)

04:00 PM

Maternity Department Tour

Westmoreland - Narcotics Anonymous (2/19/2017)

07:00 PM

Support Group

Monday, February 20

1st Step Pre-Op Joint Education - Westmoreland (2/20/2017)

08:30 AM

This 90-minute class is to help prepare people for knee or hip replacement at Excela Health. It is designed to assist individuals and their families with concerns addressing pre and post surgery. The class should be attended several weeks prior to surgery.

Interval Training-Westmoreland (2/20/2017)

04:30 PM

Interval Training is one of the best ways to increase ones overall endurance. This is a high/low interval class and is perfect for anyone who is looking for a challenging workout without having to spend hours at the gym. This class will move through cardiovascular endurance and strength training, followed by 10-15 min. of stretching. Modifications are given for all exercises so you may work with in your won boundaries and limitations. Please wear exercise clothing and sneakers, also bring along a mat and bottle of water.

Gamblers Anonymous- G.A- Westmoreland Behavioral Health Bldg. (2/20/2017)

07:30 PM

Support Group for Gamblers Anonymous

Tuesday, February 21

Living with Diabetes - Latrobe (2/21/2017)

01:00 PM

Series of three classes providing information to help manage diabetes

Grief Support- (Latrobe) 6 Week Group (2/21/2017)

02:00 PM

Life can feel overwhelming after the loss of a loved one. For many of us, it is a time of feeling alone and powerless. Consider meeting with others in a similar situation. All groups are supervised by bereavement counselors with many years of experience in helping people deal with their grief.