Excela Health nurses have many opportunities to participate in professional development activities designed to advance their knowledge and skills as a professional, a clinician and a leader.  Lifelong learning is recognized as an important component of one's nursing career and the Excela Health Nursing Education Department provides many avenues for nurses to participate in educational programming designed to support growth and development.

At Excela Health, experienced and graduate nurses begin with a robust orientation that includes four days of classroom orientation followed by an individualized, preceptor-guided clinical orientation.  Graduate nurses are provided additional support by a Nurse Educator and through mentorship opportunities.

Ongoing professional development activities include live in-services, computer-based learning, skills lab, competency development, mentoring and coaching.  Ongoing education programs enable the nurse to attain continuing education (CE) credits required for state licensure.


Terry J. Walker, BSN, RN, Oncology
Excela Health Nursing Staff
This recent letter from Terry Walker to the Excela Health Chief Nursing Officer describes the value she found in pursuing a degree.

"I am writing to express my gratitude to you and Excela Health for providing me with the tuition reimbursement funds that helped make it possible for me to earn my BSN from Robert Morris University in August 2016.  Excela Health encouraged me to pursue a higher level of education, which I am grateful for today.  Please forward my gratitude to your colleagues at Excela Health who create these types of programs and opportunities for its nurses and employees.  The generosity of the Excela Health system is very much appreciated."