Graduate Opportunities

For additional information on Graduate Nurse positions at Excela Health, please contact Heidi Henckel, Nurse Recruiter at 724-832-4644

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Excela Health Nurse Residency Program

Excela Health offers a Nurse Residency Program to newly licensed nurses.  The goal of the program is to support new nurses as they transition from nursing student to the role of the professional nurse.

The Nurse Residency Program is an 12-month comprehensive program designed to assist with the development of skills and competencies necessary to deliver safe, efficient and high quality patient care. Nurse Residents progress through three phases:

  • Phase I consisting of three and one-half days of general classroom orientation to Excela Health and Excela Health Nursing.  This is followed by a unit-based clinical orientation where the new nurse is supported by a preceptor for the entire length of orientation, which typically runs from eight to 12 weeks.
  • Phase II consisting of an additional 24 hours of interactive classroom education focusing on the key components of clinical, professional and leadership roles.
  • Phase III leads the new nurse through continued professional development activities including independent, self-directed activities and the development of a professional portfolio.