People are motivated to “give back” for reasons as varied as there are opportunities. Some may desire the interaction afforded by a volunteer experience while others may wish to support our hospitals, programs and services through donations or participation in community events. And yet others may enjoy the camaraderie our Auxiliary and Aid Society afford. But all with one common theme: to advance the mission and vision of Excela Health.

Won’t you explore our options for giving back through our charitable foundations, volunteer program, the hospital auxiliary and aid society.

For charitable giving:
Westmoreland/Frick Hospital Foundation - 724-832-4140
Latrobe Area Hospital Charitable Foundation - 724-537-1925

To volunteer:
Westmoreland Hospital Volunteer Services - 724-832-4099
Latrobe Hospital Volunteer Services - 724-537-1024
Frick Hospital Volunteer Services - 724-542-1870
Excela Health Hospice Volunteer Opportunities - 724-689-1800

To join:
Westmoreland Hospital Auxiliary - 724-836-5715
Latrobe Area Hospital Aid Society - 724-537-1733



1. Has your loved one (mother, father, spouse, etc.) been diagnosed with any of the following conditions?

2. Has your loved one experienced one of more of the following in the past two to three months?
(Check all that apply)

3. Has your loved one's doctor prescribed any of the following treatments/medications?
(Check all that apply)

4. Is your loved one confused about which medications to take, does he/she have trouble keeping track of the medications or has he/she taken the wrong medication/dosage?

5. Does your loved one have a difficult time with any of the following activities?
(Check all that apply)

6. How hard is it for your loved one to move about safely and/or leave the home?
Choose the statement that describes his/her situation best.

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Does this apply to you or your loved one (please answer "Yes" or "no")

Expressed the desire to stay at home instead of going back to the hospital for treatment?

Experiencing unacceptable levels of pain?

Recognized an increasing dependence on oxygen throughout the day?

Have unmet emotional and spiritual needs?

Have increased symptoms due to chronic illness?

Need additional assistance with bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting or ambulation?

Spend more time in bed?

Lost weight without trying?

Been told that you or your loved one have a life limiting illness or that life expectancy is lessened?

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