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VEEP - Visual Eating and Exercise Program

What's VEEP?  It's the Visual Eating and Exercise Program made famous by Robert Reames, head trainer and nutritionist on the Dr. Phil Show.  Excela Health is participating in a new and exciting way but first, what's VEEP all about and where do you start?

It all begins with food. Real food.

Over the long term, nothing will have a greater impact on your health and well-being than what you eat day in and day out.  It all begins with food.

Diets do not allow for the real world challenges we face every day like going out on weekends, office lunches, lack of hunger in the morning, work stress, lack of time. The shortcoming of diets and dieting systems based on counting and packaged foods is you never learn how to use real food in real situations.  You lose weight but gain it back once you go back to real life.

Lose Weight. Tell Your Story. Make a Difference.

Lose the weight and learn how food works with the revolutionary VEEP Nutrition System - the world’s first visual interactive smart system for food.  You learn food combinations, food timing, adapting to getting off track. With VEEP, you  SEE what to eat. No weighing, no tracking, no counting. VEEP adapts when you get off track.  In fact, it’s built with the idea that everyone gets off track.   

The cost for the program is $99. Excela Health employees may register with their worksite promotion code in lieu of payment information.  Signing up is quick and easy and takes only a few minutes online.  Click here to get started right now!

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Robert Reames congratulates
Excela and all of the participants
of the VEEP system.


Excela Health has teamed
with Robert Reames to bring 
a new eating and exercise
program to our community.

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