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Wound Care

Excela Advanced Wound Center

Wounds that just won’t heal can create additional problems, especially for diabetics. The Excela Advanced Wound Center team includes podiatrists, vascular and general surgeons, a pulmonologist and internists along with support staff who have national certifications. They share their knowledge and expertise to address patient problems and apply state-of-the-art modalities. On an average day we treat 55 patients, on an outpatient basis.

About Wounds
Most basically acute wounds, such as an abrasion, a cut, bite, laceration or surgical wounds, among others, generally health within a predicted time frame and with proper care.  In short, they heal.  On the other end of the spectrum is the chronic wound, a wound that does not heal within that prescribed time and may take months or years to heal or may never heal with standard therapy, often casuing an individual physical and/or emotional stress.  But, there is hope at the Excela Advanced Wound Center.

What Causes Chronic Wounds?
Some typical causes of chronic wounds may include:
• Poor circulation   
• Diabetes
• Neuropathy   
• Vascular disease
• Age                                            
• Repeated trauma
• Difficulty moving
• Radiation injury
• Burns
• Infection

Types of Wounds We Treat:
• Diabetic foot ulcers
• Venous ulcers
• Pressure ulcers,  known more commonly as bed sores
• Arterial ulcers,
• Non-healing trauma or surgical wounds
• Delayed radiation injuries
• Second and third degree burns
• Chronic osteomyelitis, which is an inflammation of bone and bone marrow, usually caused by bacteria.


Excela Advanced Wound Center is located at:
Medical Commons One
530 South Street, Suite 140
Greensburg,  Pa. 15601
Telephone:  724-830-8527

COMING SOON: Excela Advanced Wound Center at Frick Hospital!


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