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Kids get sick. Kids get hurt. Being a parent is hardly ever a day at the beach. So it’s good to know that when things take a turn, you can call on a team of compassionate experts close by – the pediatrics team at Excela Health.

We do our jobs with a two-sided goal: one, taking care of your child, and two, setting your mind at ease. Our experience plays a big part in how we can deliver for you. We rely on the latest technologies to get results right. We create a kid-friendly environment, the kind that makes kids feel more comfortable and less fearful. Every child who comes in gets to pick a stuffed animal friend, to keep him or her company and to take home later. If your child needs to stay, you can stay too, 24 hours a day.

It’s tough enough being a parent. So let us keep your worries down. When you come to Excela Health, you -- and your child -- will get the best care possible.

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