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Excela Advanced Sleep Center
Where a good night's sleep is more than just a dream.

Sleeping difficulties shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, neglecting sleep at night may cause a variety of problems during the day including fatigue, sleepiness, and the inability to concentrate. Further, some sleep disorders can lead to serious health issues such as heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, fatigue-related motor vehicle accidents, and decreased quality of life.

But now there's hope, and help, at the Excela Advanced Sleep Center. Through experienced team of sleep physician-specialists, all board certified in sleep medicine, along with our sleep professionals, we work to help you in the most efficient way possible, from diagnosis to treatment.

About Our Services

Those sleep disorders we diagnose include:
● Sleep Apnea (The most notable symptom being loud snoring.)
● Insomnia
● Excessive daytime sleepiness
● Narcolepsy
● Restless leg syndrome
● Circadian rhythm disorders (Usually linked to shift work or jet lag.)
● Noctural myoclonus (Strong kicking movement of the legs during sleep.)
● Sleep-related movements and behaviors such as nightmares, sleep walking, sleep talking and seizures

A physician referral is needed.

Our Locations:
Frick Hospital
508 South Church Street, Mount Pleasant, Pa. 15666

Latrobe Hospital
One Mellon Way, Latrobe, Pa. 15650

Holiday Inn Express
137 Blair Street (Beside the Route 30 Gabriel's Plaza)
Greensburg, Pa.  15601

For more information about sleep disorders, call toll free, 1-877-771-1234.

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