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Reasons to Consider Rehabilitation

Individuals may benefit from physical, occupational and/or speech therapies and getting an early start on your rehabilitation can maximize benefits.   At Excela Health Outpatient Rehabilitation, our therapists work with individuals of all ages and activity levels, and help them recover from injury, illness or surgery, or lessen the effects of other conditions. There are many reasons for outpatient rehabilitation services, below are just a few ...

* Post-surgery, to help you get back to normal, especially after joint replacement, knee surgery, rotator cuff, and others.
* To address back and neck pain.
* To help relieve joint pain or arthritis.
* To recover from an injury at work or due to an automobile accident.
* To help recuperate from a stroke.
* To deal with loss of balance and dizziness problems.
* To address plantar fasciitis.
* To relieve carpal tunnel syndrome.
* To help reduce speech or swallowing problems.

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