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Joint Works


An organized plan for giving you back your life after a joint replacement – as quickly and safely as it can be done.

Every year, more than three-quarters of a million people have a knee or hip replaced. The technologies involved have leaped forward, but at Excela we wondered how we could make each patient’s experience better: from the very beginning through a home program and back to a full, vigorous, and pain free life.

We found that the more the patient understood about the process, the less anxiety he or she suffered. So our JointWorks program begins with a two-hour course, the “First Step” class, in which members of every part of the team – nurses, physical therapists, dietary experts, home health care and case management folks -- speak to patients and answer their questions. We perform all the necessary pre-tests the same day of the class to save time and trips.

Each patient selects a “coach,” who comes to the class and works as a member of the recovery team. Therapy usually begins the day of surgery, and four days later the patient is sent home. For outpatient rehabilitation, free transportation is provided to any Excela Health site.
JointWorks: the personal touch, administered by a team of pros to help you at every step of the way, makes the road to recovery a shorter trip.

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