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Our Physicians

About Our Physicians

Excela Health offers a full range of lab and imaging services from routine blood work and x-rays to more sophisticated tests including MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, digital mammography, PET/CT scan and others.  More importantly, the results are rendered by highly trained physicians specializing in the fields of pathology and radiology, many with subspecialty training.

Meet Our Pathologists
    Providing over 3 million lab tests and procedures annually speaks to the quality and efficiency of our laboratory professionals and pathologists. Our pathology web videos provide an overview of more about specific lab tests and their importance.  To learn more about our team of pathologists, click here.

Meet Our Radiologists
At Excela Health, we perform thousands of outpatient and inpatient radiologic procedures each year. Our radiologists provide efficient care, so that patient diagnoses can occur quickly while attending to the needs and dignity of our patients.  Learn more about our radiologists or to view web video about radiologic procedures, click here.

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Dr. Choi explains the link
between Vitamin D Deficiency
and Osteoporosis.

Dr. Memari explains PSA

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